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ITALY – The land of love

I love DJ’ing in Italy. It’s a beautiful country, and I’m always grateful when couples invite me to their wedding to play and mix some great Bhangra tunes. My time performing as a DJ in Italy means I know a thing or two about where to get married.

A hotspot for Civil, Sikh, and Hindu weddings

Italy’s famous lakes are proving to be hotspots for Civil, Sikh and Hindu weddings. An Indian wedding is for sure one of the most multi-coloured and incredible events to witness and enjoy.

Choosing an exceptional wedding location

Ever imagined cruising down some beautiful breath-taking lakes to attend your very own reception with your close family and friends? Bhangra, Bollywood on the beach – who would have ever thought of that? Wearing bright colours, being surrounded by blue seas and skies – it’s not a sight you see every day. So why not choose an exceptional wedding location such as Italy?

How about a more intimate wedding in Italy?

If you’re not so keen on a big fat Indian wedding, and would prefer a more intimate event, then a destination wedding that includes the romantic ambience of the Italian Lakes such as Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Bracciano would be perfect for you.

Where in Italy?

Italy is known as the land of love; after all, it is the country of the famous Romeo and Juliet. Italy is not too far to travel to from the UK, and the weather is great, as is the Italian food cuisine. Even so, Lake Garda, Como, and Maggiore are world-famous for their beauty.

Lake Como is quiet but pretty, with villas summiting out of the hills around the lake. Villa Carlotta, a wedding destination hotspot, is a place of rare beauty immersed in 70,000 square metres of lush gardens, with a stunning view facing one of the most amazing lakes of Europe.

Lake Maggiore is a faultless wedding spot. It is ideal for couples looking for romance around the lakes but with more seclusion.

Lake Bracciano is situated in the north west of Rome. It’s surrounded by forests, olive groves, and gardens – perfect for wedding photography.

Lake Garda is the one of the most popular Italian lakes. It has lots of history, beautiful scenery, and is close to the airport. It’s very easily accessible with lots to do for the guests. The popular venue for holding a wedding here is at the Malcesine Castle overlooking Malcesine and the waters of Lake Garda.

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No wedding is complete without music, and I can play the best Bhangra, Bollywood, or even English tracks to really get your guests going. I’m a bilingual DJ too, so I can speak to your guests in Punjabi or English, so everyone will feel part of the celebrations.

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