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Greece – Santorini

Santorini in Greece has to be one of the most mesmerising wedding destinations in Europe; it’s certainly amazing to DJ there. Here’s why I think you need to seriously consider having an Indian wedding in Santorini, Greece.

The volcanic island

Santorini is a volcanic island, with black sand, and is globally known for its clear blue skies, pure, clean water, and white-coloured buildings. It’s the perfect setting for the most beautiful and memorable wedding pictures.

A romantic getaway and a hotspot for Indian weddings

Santorini is fast earning a reputation as a romantic getaway as well as a hotspot for holding Indian weddings – many colourful weddings have been held on the island. What could be better than holding your traditional rituals among the pristine white and blue surroundings?

Santorini is the perfect getaway for us British. With the utmost certainly of the perfect weather, what more could you ask for? Santorini is not only a wedding hotspot but it’s also known to be a honeymoon destination too.

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