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Taking things global, again

That’s Right, DJ Dal is going global once more, with a new focus on two particular areas of the world that are both glamorous and perfect places for some Indian wedding DJ action.

I’m talking about Dubai and Delhi, two areas that I know have incredibly good dance scenes at the moment, and are therefore ripe for me to come in and set up some excellent wedding events.

I’ve been in talks with various people, and I already have a number of couples who want some of the DJ Dal experience for their nuptials, and I know it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Indian wedding DJs in Delhi are currently few and far between, and I am looking forward to making my mark in this most beautiful of spots.

then, when we talk about Dubai, we’re talking about one of the most gloriously beautiful parts of the planet, with breathtaking views, opulence everywhere, and a lovely relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for some deep beats.

I’m looking forward to getting some incredible Indian wedding DJ work done in Dubai. It’s a beautiful place, with some amazing spots to explore. And it’s also full of that sense of style you can’t find anywhere else.

Watch this space for more news of my Delhi and Dubai adventures.

Until next time,

Dj Dal

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