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Top 10 questions to ask your DJ

Entertainment is one of the biggest factors of any party, whilst people might look back some years down the line and not remember the colour of the décor or the wedding favours they will always remember good entertainment.. People always remember the good and fun times they have had. Choosing a good DJ goes hand in hand with creating this memory.

Always choose a DJ who thinks unique talent is more important than professional equipment. You want your DJ to be creative and passionate about your special day.

Choosing the perfect DJ for your event be that a wedding, birthday party or any other celebration for that matter is a big decision and we have prepared some questions you should ask your prospective DJ.

1. Is the DJ Available on your chosen date?

2. Ask your DJ for any creative ideas to make your event unique and fun?

3. Do they have the required insurance?

4. Will they interact with the crowd to get everyone involved on the dance floor to make your event as memorable as possible for all your guests?

5. Will they meet with you to discuss your event in detail? Entertainment plays a major part in the success of your special day, it’s essential to ensure you are comfortable with your choice of DJ and that you’re comfortable they have the necessary experience, music knowledge and the best music collection

6. Do they have back-up equipment in case anything should malfunction on the night?

7. What would they do if they fell seriously ill on the day or were seriously injured? Would they be able to contact a good quality replacement?

8. Will they visit your venue before the day itself if they have not played there before? Some venues have extremely difficult access. Some may have a lot of stairs. Others require very long leads to connect to the power and so on. If your DJ doesn’t know any of this, in some cases they could be severely delayed.

9. Will they provide a booking form that clearly lists the services they’ll provide as well as all the other relevant details such as the fee, venue details, contact numbers etc.? Ask them for a signed document with these details so you know they have all the correct information.

10. Will they allow you to submit a request list of your favourite songs? And just as importantly, a list of the songs you definitely do not want to hear! Also check that he’ll take requests from your guests on the night?

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