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About Me

Building a good vibe

For me, the most important part of DJ’ing is building a good vibe to get any crowd excited. I started out as a young bedroom DJ and I loved playing around with music and mixing different tunes to create something new. I’ve been able to turn my passion for music into a career, where I put together the right selection of tunes and mixes to get any crowd going.

Bringing Bhangra music to life – playing and mixing great tunes

I love Bhangra music. It is, without question, my favourite genre of music. But as a Bhangra DJ, I don’t just play the songs, I bring them to life. With over ten years of experience mixing and playing Bhangra tunes I really know how to get a crowd of people going.

A bilingual Bhangra DJ – fluent in Punjabi and English

I’m a bilingual Bhangra DJ. I speak both Punjabi and English fluently, so I have no trouble connecting with any crowd, making sure every single person feels like they’re part of the celebration.

Working with my DJ and musician heroes

There have been a lot of people who have influenced me over my career.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked alongside DJ H, who has influenced the feel of my music and guided me through my time working in the DJ’ing industry.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of other high profile and influential DJs and musicians too. I’ve been able to share my love with music and collaborate with the likes of DJ Dips, Malkit Singh, and Miss Pooja. They’re all leaders in their fields and have entertained thousands.

A few years ago, I even had the honour of performing at the 50th birthday party of Malkit Singh, MBE. Malkit was the first Punjabi singer to receive an MBE, so this was a huge privilege for me.

An international Bhangra DJ

The best part of working in the DJ industry is the possibility of spreading music worldwide. My belief in hard work and dedication has paid off because, through my DJ work, I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled around the world to share my passion for music. The highlights for me include Punjab, Kenya, Delhi, and Hollywood.

I’m a Bollywood DJ too

As well as Bhangra I also love playing to the Bollywood crowd. One of the greatest experiences of this was being part of the Gibraltar Diwali Ball; it was great to be able to showcase my expertise in another music genre. The vibe and the crowd were absolutely electric!

Get in touch

No event is complete without music, and I can play the best Bhangra, Bollywood, or even English tracks to really get your guests going. I’m a bilingual DJ too, so I can speak to your guests in Punjabi or English, so everyone will feel part of the celebrations.

Fill out my form or call me on 07958 486585 for a quote and to see if I’m available for your wedding date.


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