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DJ DAL the fastest growing DJ in the industry!


‘There isn’t no party without DJ Dal!’ DJ Dal is becoming the name for all special occasions, you cannot escape from his name on social media. With his big following across his social media accounts he truly knows how to keep engagement and interaction. He is so great in creating[…]

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UK Bhangra vs India Bhangra


Why are we playing more songs originated from India compared to the music composed in the UK?   Bhangra is an integral part of the British culture. Punjab was composing a lot of Folk Punjabi music which sounded very similar. However, this soon became replaced by Bhangra, which was established[…]

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DJ DAL- 2016 so far!


2016 So Far- OUT NOW! After the phenomenal success of the renowned DJ Dal’s live Facebook session in July, which took people by storm and was trending worldwide. DJ Dal releases his new free mix, ‘2016 so far’ The title of the mix says it all! DJ Dal has included[…]

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Create your perfect Asian Wedding with DJ Dal


With over 15 years of experience, DJ Dal is one of the most ideal choices as your Indian wedding DJ. DJ Dal offers the most professional Asian Wedding DJ services around. His events in the past have covered Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Punjabi, Gujerati, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian and mixed[…]

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