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I have been fortunate to turn my passion and appreciation for music into a career. I started out as a young bedroom DJ and I loved playing around with music and mixing different tunes together to see what I could create. From that I have developed a unique skill of being able to put together the right selection of tunes and mixes to get any crowd going. For me that’s the most important part; building a good vibe and making sure that the crowd gets excited!

Out of all the music genres I have the greatest affinity towards Bhangra. I have over 10 years experience in mixing and playing Bhangra tunes. I work exceptionally hard to make sure that my delivery is always on point, but I don’t just play the songs, I love to bring them to life as well and I do that with my bilingual skills of Punjabi and English. I really enjoy connecting with the crowd so that every single person feels like they are part of the celebration.

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